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Well, it sounds like you are worried about both how to tell her, and what will happen if you do. As far as how, personally, I'd just be honest. I would start with mentioning that you have been researching polyamory and have begun to believe you might be able to live that sort of lifestyle and want to try it out. Once you've discussed that a bit more and she realizes it wouldn't be 'the dramatastic dating of a mono person', then bring up your feelings. I'd say just be blunt, let her know that overtime you've come to care for her more and you want to see if a relationship could work.

As for as your worries about things be awkward after, they are only awkward if you make them so. There is nothing that says rejection or a failed relationship has to ruin a friendship at all, and it shouldn't if you don't want it to. Make sure to let her know up front that you value her friendship very strongly, and take things slowly emotionally in transitioning to a relationship. If it doesn't work out, just don't be awkward. Force yourself to act normal and like everything is as it was before, and things will be fine. Its people always worrying and making a big deal out of little things that makes awkwardness happen. Even if you feel strange, act natural, and things will get back to normal pretty quick.
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