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Default Mono crushing on poly

I've been reading and have learned a lot about being poly, communication, honesty from this and other websites, but still am having a hard time taking action.

A little about me: gay female, previously mono but open to poly, vanilla. I met a woman on OKCupid over a year ago who identifies as genderqueer and kinky. Although we never dated, we became friends-I see her about twice a month for friend activities.

I am still not dating while she has several lovers in various parts of the country. I've developed a crush on her and am not sure how to proceed. I am intimidated by the kinky aspects. She has also said she'd dated monos in the past and is not into doing that again-too much drama. I know it's my own insecurities holding me back from telling her my feelings but I also don't want to affect our relationship if, deep down, I know we would be incompatible. How would you breach this with her, if you do at all? Thanks for any insights. Sue
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