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I wish Mono wouldn't leave over this. I really *think* he's seeing personal, ad hominem attacks where there aren't any. I *think* we've got a bit of a communications disconnect in that the specific statements that are being *ripped* for being logical fallacies are statements that Mono made without qualifying them in a manner that would have made them more like personal opinion based on introspection, to the best of his ability, but in the world of bb postings they were written with him making the assumption that, "damnit, that's exactly what they are, my personal opinions based on the best I've been able to figure out for ME, and I shouldn't have to qualify every friggin statement so that it follows rules of debate, just to avoid being shredded by people who don't even know me".

I have a tendency to "parse" what other people say more critically than they do, and I've had some of my own statements analyzed for accuracy and logical soundness more than once. I even ocassionally take it personally, but I sooner or later see it was more about communication styles than anything personal about me or about them. I hope Mono can look at this again, and see that that's MOST LIKELY exactly what this was. If I said anything that was taken personally or felt like a personal attack, I apologize for my coming across in that manner, since it damned sure wasn't intentional.

Wow...can ya'll step back just a hair and look at the fact that any emotional response from the other party is *IN PART* a reaction to your own emotional responses...this could get ugly and it really doesn't need to.

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