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nycindie, I suppose I deserve that in lu of past events. But I really do want relationships, not just other sexual partners. I feel as though if she cannot handle me having sex with others, how could she possibly handle love, or making love for that matter?

dingedheart, I don't think swallowing pride is only confined to that which is humilliating, I believe it is also giving up something which makes you feel good. When you work with someone you cannot stand and severely disagree with, you have to swallow a little pride. (That's just an example, i'm not saying I feel like that about my girlfriend.)

as for the "plan" being a set up, you are right about the, "see, you can love two people" kind of thing. But I do want to show her that can be true. I can talk about it all I want, but sometimes true knowledge is not communicable. You can be told the stove is hot all day long, but you never wil really know until you put your hand on it.

and the intoxicating effects of nre, as nice as they can be, have little effect on relationships which are based merely on experementing sexually. As for the other relationships which she may encounter, she has a good head on her shoulders, and nre intoxication will not get her better judgement.
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