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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
With regards to this troubling language that keeps popping up:

"freaking out in a non-productive way"
"because of expressed hurt feelings"
"polluted her thing with her lover"

NOT GOOD. I dunno if you're aware of this but her continually projecting her guilt and in turn making you feel worse than you already are is NOT OKAY!!!! It has nothing to do with you being mature or not. If you are experiencing something emotionally and voice that to your partner their response should be to support you through whatever it is. Period. Not try to make you feel like shit when you already feel like shit. Like you're raining on her parade.

Who says that? Seriously?!?! I know she's not used to considering another person's feelings, and that much is obvious, but, really?!

You already have low self-esteem/social awkwardness - why isn't she supporting you and HELPING you improve instead of continually making you feel worse?

It may not be a poly issue, but it's not your self-esteem issue, either. It's your girlfriend continually doing things that hurt you and then telling you to get over it instead of working to figure out 1- why she does the same things over and over again (seriously- losing track of time happens, but doing it multiple times AFTER it being brought to your attention is blatant disregard for your feelings) and 2 - what could be done to improve your self-worth/confidence/esteem.
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