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Originally Posted by Preia View Post
Sounds to me that she wants to guilt you into supporting her in the manner to which she plans to become accustomed all while she complains how exhausting it is to eat bonbons. I would just love to hear how she describes her plush little set up to others when you aren't around. Honestly, I think she is just using you until something better comes along. She is hoping she has found it, but it may not make enough money (as it seems the other partner has all this free time too) for her to move out. Sorry. That is not what you want to hear I am sure. However, people who truly love their other partners don't invalidate their feelings the way she does your. You might want to look up "gaslighting".
I straight up have asked her about this and she says no, that she doesn't stay with people she doesn't love.

She does do chores around the house and she has gotten better about it. The laundry incident is more of a "wtf" moment than a status quo moment.
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