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I've been involved with married people before, though never monogamous ones. If someone is in a monogamous relationship, they are completely off my radar. In fact, I get a little upset if someone who is in a monogamous relationship with someone else tries to pursue me (and I mean in a serious manner, not just flirting). I make it very clear, both online and in person, that I will not condone or support cheating in any way. If someone knows that and tries to cheat on their partner with me, I do get a bit offended that they would think I would want to be part of that. If someone is monogamous and begins to have feelings for me, or anyone else, and wants to pursue that outside of their relationship or marriage, I would encourage them to talk to their partner. I would also let them know that in doing so they have to accept that their partner may simply say no, that they are not okay with it. I've had people who when that happened have tried to cheat with me using the excuse that they tried to do it ethically first, and that is just not alright. I let people know now that if theyre partner says no, they need to accept that, or if being poly is more important then the relationship, they need to leave. Cheating is just plain wrong in my book though, and I will stay as far away from it as I possibly can.
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