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nycindie found the way to express what I am feeling in far better words than I did. Thanks!

Discussions about sex go hand-in-hand with discussions about relationships - I would encourage folks to have them, and to use places like this to help resolve problems.

Also, the idea that swinging may be a "gateway to poly" for some is an interesting one, and I can definitely see how that could happen.

It's the posts about the NSA thing, or "my husband and I want a threesome, how should we go about making that happen" that make me wonder. It may well be that they are using the term "threesome" in a way other than a three-way sex romp, and instead mean a poly "V" or triad, but I don't get that feeling in most cases.

And if poly is going to be inclusive of the sexual encounter with anything else style of relationships, then that's fine - it's just not for me, and I'll just have to get used to finding my way through (what I see as) the clutter.

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