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Well, I don't expect them to gossip about anything. We just handled things normally around there and didn't make some fuss about what kind of relationship we have or how different it is or something. As far as I know, they didn't talk about it from the beginning among each other, because everyone had this aha-moment when we broached the subject finally. But because we never made a secret out of it, there may be a sidenote thing when they talk to our neighbor and she mentions us, just like we mentioned some others we knew were regulars at that place.

The topic is kind of unnerving me right now, because it is such a littel thing in our lifes and I feel bound to think about it unproportionally, at least as far as my own feelings are concerned. *sigh* My mother isn't feeling well today, I just met her when she was on her way to see the doctor as she isn't able to drink anything without feeling sick. Just the wrong time for something like that coming up. Talk about bad timing ...
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