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Originally Posted by idealist View Post
A question for everyone engaged in this discussion.....Do you think poly people fall in love more and experience more love than swingers?
I think swingers control their feelings a lot more than polyamorists. For example, if a swinger starts to have romantic feelings towards a person she swings with, she would generally cut off contact with that person. Or at least stop the sexual aspect if it is a friendship as well. Why? Because that is "threatening" the core relationship, or at least the core value of having only one loving partnership While a swinger may be capable of loving more than one, they choose to have a relationship with only one therefore they willingly shut out other potential loves.

Whereas a poly person who happens to develop deeper, romantic feelings for a casual sex partner would more than likely talk to this person and see if a loving relationship is an option.

I would think people probably fall in love (or COULD fall in love - I know I personally can stop myself if I recognize the signs early on) at about the same rate, it's just whether or not they act on it that changes. So, I bet poly people experience more love since they are more receptive to it even if they don't necessarily fall in love more often.
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