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How does her dating/ fucking other equal her working on her issue of you doing the same.

It sounds like a tactic. You go'll see will be fun exciting, intoxicating and I'll show you it won't change our relationship. I'll show you how I handle the jealousy ..if any. Then once you're in ...hooked on nre...I can start up and proceed the way I wanted. Tactically its good ...she went're the bigger person, you got the guilt of that, the NRE,...establishment and connection of a new relationship, etc. All hard to walk away from even if you don't prove your point.

Also.... shallowing ones pride is doing something that you would consider humiliating. So are you saying that allowing her to have sex with others is humiliating only if you not doing the same.

This plan seems more like a setup. Give me another example in another area of life in which this type of plan would be used ...and it would work.

And what difference is there in the amount of time. Is it a slow desensitization process or a light bulb moment.....yeah I get it now.
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