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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
OK, no worries, just thought that this is a different question to the "fluid bonding" thing, which often includes more than intercourse....
Yeah, maybe that's part of the reason my last poll flopped.

I've gathered that there are a lot of different arrangements, which is why I made this one very specific. I mean, for a while my wife and I had an agreement that if someone had negative test results, then barrier-free cunnilingus was fine, and barrier-free fellatio was fine, but semen should not be taken into the mouth. How do you classify that? Oral sex seems to have more shades of gray.

Also, I would guess that the frequency of agreements to use barriers for oral sex is much lower than the frequency of agreements to use barriers for vaginal and anal sex, and oral sex would inflate the numbers. I haven't the faintest idea how many people my partners have had barrier-free oral sex with in the last year, let alone my partners' partners. If they made dick-flavored condoms, maybe that would change...

On the other hand, I just recalled that someone my wife was seeing took a single, unwelcome, bareback "stroke." She promptly left. I said my concurrency is 1, but maybe I should have said I'm not very confident if that counts? oops...

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