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Ah no, well. No 'super-person' thoughts on my end there. I know that things just are what they are, that there are always reasons for things going good and bad and that people are able to create their own reality. I am not regarding myself as some exception from whatever rule there may be. This was just the way, others may receive the things I have to tell, that bothered me. I just don't want to cause some kind of discomfort or discontent by things that feel quite normal for myself.

In regard to our neighbor ... well, I don't think that she would play like that. She knows my mother, she knows in what kind of situation she is and what will be on her plate during the next months. I don't think that she would gamble that just for some idle chatter. There would be some real ill will behind her actions if she does talk about it nevertheless. Or is this my naive side speaking again? I do think that she would get the notion of not talking about it for now because of the stress that is already in the life of my mother. Not because we want to hide things ultimately.
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