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yes, I find it very personal in fact as I didn't read anything in what anyone said that made me feel like what you say above. I wonder if you are looking for something and are finding a way to lambaste Mono in some way and if so, I wonder why?
I am lambasting an idea that perpetuates prejudice. Anti-oppression work is a passion of mine. The connection is very clear. To attribute one aspect of a person's wiring to another unrelated characteristic tacitly allows such prejudice and perpetuates stereotypes. It's the very same type of reasoning that suggested that white people are superior to black people. It is the very same type of reasoning that made it acceptable for women to not have positions of authority in the work place (being wired as a woman means difficulty in taking authority). It's the same type of reasoning that fuels gay bashing (men who are wired to love other men are sissies, or women who are wired to love other women aren't feminine). It's the same reasoning that perpetuates negative stereotypes about poly people (being wired poly means being sex crazed).

These are all examples of false ties between one aspect of a persons wiring and identity to other characteristics of that person that only have a loose connection at best to that wiring. The two have little to do with each other except what people assume, even if it's an assumption one is making within themselves.

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