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Oh ha, wow. Ok, first of all, thanks for that piece of clear feedback from all of you

As I don't want people to get the wrong impression, no, this wasn't about the effort I put into the blog. I mean, I am a student, writing something is a piece of cake (even if there are many mistakes if I have a second look from time to time, but you seem to bear with me quite patiently ). It doesn't consume much of my time to post. And I have taken a liking to this journal like thing. I never did that before. So, I wouldn't have stopped because of not having the time or feelings of 'this isn't beneficial for me' any longer. I am sure that I would have kept at it privately. (Even though it is great to have something like a diary that talks back from time to time ^.^)

I see your point concerning the counter-story and positive input in contrast to the cries for help from the relationship corner. But that was what got me thinking in the first place. Am I out of place to rub my happiness in the face of people who are struggling? What I had to say seemed so disconnected from the other topics. That's why I wondered to stop my chitchat about the little things and trifles of my two relationships and just stop by from time to time if there is something poly related. I was told some time ago, that my approach may be too positive and that the way I portrait things may leave unrealistic expectations as I am the exception from the rule or as my situation can't be applied to others that well. This just came back to mind yesterday morning.

Especially to Miss Indie: Awww .... it's so fascinating to think about a fascination we may hold for others. Never thought about the way others may see us and certainly never thought about some kind of 'exotic' 'far, far away on the other side of the ocean' thing. To strengthen that impression: My mother loves framework therefore she got a half-timbered facade for the back part of the house. In front of the back house is a little garden (framed by the front house and fences on the other sides), with many, many flowers and a tiny course of a stream. It looks like you would expect holidays homes to look like or old farmhouses from our region. I hope that helps with the projection of thoughts

Well, to sum it up: Thanks for the feedback, it's so nice to get positive input

And finally: there really was something poly-related yesterday *cheers*

The daughter of my godmother, who is our neighbor as well, decided/got talked into visiting our fitness gym on her 21st birthday last week. This got Sward thinking immediately. Because we never tried to hide our relationship status there. That's why he got quite nervous, because the possibility of her overhearing something in regard to us (all of the trainers know us and as soon as she would mention her address the possibility of a thoughtless comment is high), talking about it with her mother and her mother telling my mother in the course of the regular cappuccino meet ups in the morning, is likely.

As none of us wants my family to be informed by a third party, we pondered what to do about it. Talking to the daughter? Talking to my family? Well, we decided that the stress on my mother and sister (chemo, final exams) is too high for us to add something unrelated right now. Therefore we will try to talk to the daughter and ask her to keep things a secret for now. Unfortunately we know that she is a chatterbox (by nature kind of, her mother is the same, there has to be something in her genes ) and Sward is worried quite a bit that things may not turn out great. To avoid situations like that, we need to find a good opportunity or time frame to talk about everything soon.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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