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Originally Posted by tachycardia View Post
So, for those who said "0-3 months" or "Other," how certain are you of the size of the group of people to whom you are concurrently exposed? How many people are in that group? If the group became larger, how would you be notified? Does anyone in the group have unprotected anal sex? Or are you just relying on a piece of paper that said your partner was negative several months ago?
I am not currently fluid-bonded to anyone, and I pretty much covered the theoreticals in my previous post.

My "girlfriend" Rachael and I accidentially became fluid-bonded the first time we had sex (she's allergic to latex and polyurethane condoms suck. I wish I'd known about polyisoprene condoms then.) Anyway, it broke. The rest of the week I was visiting her, we decided to proceed without condoms. She had clean test results from a month before, and both of her other partners weren't involved with anyone else (as far as they said, but I figured there wasn't much of a reason for them to lie). Probably low/medium risk, but in retrospect probably more risk than I was comfortable with. I tested clean six months later. We've decided to go back to barriers the next time we see each other. I also have a date this weekend with someone I assume is mono. I generally don't try to have sex on a first date, but sometimes the girl does. If so, condoms.

I figured the time-based poll was more about trust, and the implied question was "how long does it take for you to trust someone?" Still, I vote other. While time is a factor, it varies from a few months to several years, and depends more on demonstration of trustworthiness than time. If someone demonstrates that they're open about themselves and we talk and spend time together frequently, I could see myself trusting them enough to consider fluid bonding after a few months. It's different from person to person.
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