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My fiance and I have been together for almost five year now, with him monogomous and me poly the entire time. Honestly, it hasn't been all that difficult because he doesn't usually have issues with jealousy, which I believe is because he is secure in our relationship and has seen that my feelings for him never wane because of relationships with others. We also really don't have issues with time management because initially when I would spend the night with a partner, it was his down time to do things he enjoys that I really have no interest in. Plus, at the moment we have a poly household, and he is friends with both of my other partners so we all spend a lot of time together as a group. I know that for others jealousy and time management certainly can be an issue though, so there is a learning process in working to manage those.

What other things are you concerned about? I know he and I have talked extensively about our feelings and hopefully we might be able to help you ease into the world of polyamory as a monogomous person.
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