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I am sorry that you have to guard your life so carefully. I know how difficult it can be.
Although I do not live near my family I also worry about coming out in any way, whether it be poly or bi. This isn't because I really care what people think but because we live in a very small, religious, area where my partner works with the public. I would hate for him to loose his job or be ostracized because of our relationship.

I would love to have even a small group of friends that I could be myself with but it has not happened yet. I am on OkC looking for like minded people as well as possible partners.
I recently ended one friendship because we had absolutely nothing in common and I could never really be myself around her. Another so-called friend recently stopped speaking to my partner and I because a mutual friend started a discussion about alternative relationships and it made him uncomfortable. That friend lives a unusual lifestyle himself but had no desire to accept us as we are.
Sorry to run off on my own little tangent but I understand, if you ever want to chat.

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