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Hi Yearning4more, I am also new to this forum. There are many couples looking for an unattached female third. Myself and my husband included. We are currently involved for the first time with a person in the same situation as you, for the approximatley 9 months and meet up every 2 to 4 weeks.

We have had a manogomus 18year marraige, but have always considered we would enjoy sharing our intimate relationship with a woman, but were concerned whether the reality would be emotionally difficult on many levels and have been pleasently surprised at our experiences. Hence I have joined this forum as I find the complexities of human psychological/emotional/sexual/needs completly fasinating.

For us the primary drive was purley sexual, I am submissive my husband dominant. After embarking in our first poly relationship with a person who we both considered a friend of several years, we are surprised at its success. However myself and and my friend have found the emotional feelings between us more difficult to manage than my husband has. Interestingly my husband has since said he thought he would be the one who found it more emotionally challenging, as he is a more romantic, passionate, and affectionate person than I am, but its proved to be the reverse.

I offer a very small note of caution:
For myself and my husband it has bought us even closer. Although my husband and I miss her, she finds it extemely difficult for the first few days after seeing us as she 'pines' for us and this emphasis the fact that she is on her own. But all three of us agree we cant believe how well we 'fit' sexually and consequently how fulfilling it has been, and feel that this might be rare, so are unlikely to stop any time soon.

I hope you enjoy this forum and find what your looking for.

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