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Safe sex is certainly a vitally important issue to me. I had a severe bone marrow infection about a year ago and nearly lost my entire immune system to it before they figured out what was wrong. (Stupid militart doctors.....)

But the result of this is that my immune system is weakened meaning that I am at much higher risk of catching anything anyone else has. I'm to the point now where I don't have to wear masks/take antibtiotics round the clock. But I'd really like to not get sick. LOL

But beyond this whole issue, I think I have a better understanding now of how this works.

The emotional side is a little harder for me to figure out becuase I'm honestly not sure how to love 'equally' for each lover. I guess it would have to be something I learn how to do? Because for me, if there's no love, there will be no sex. Just... not worth it in my opinion.

Another concern that I had with the 'road map' style poly relationship is that I believe sex is an exchange of sacred trust and energy. It should be messy, passionate, and as frequent as possible; but it's still SACRED. And I don't want my sacred 'goddess' spread to people that I am not consenting to give it too, even inadvertantly.
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