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Originally Posted by Xared View Post
For me, time isn't really a factor in itself. It has more to do with what the risk is and what kind of sexual activity is occurring.
This is true for me too. At the moment rory is the only one I'm not using barriers with and that has to do with the low risk activities we do and the fact that she only has one other partner who in turn doesn't have anyone else. If that were to change, I would re-evaluate the situation. With men - my husband and anyone else - I always use condoms in every activity we do. If I have sex with a new woman, I probably won't have oral sex with her (or if she prefers I can use dental dams), unless there are good reasons to think it would be safe. I'm not sure how long it would take to fluid bond with anyone new, because it depends so much on the situation/person/risk. And I will only consider fluid bonding when it comes to oral sex. I will never give up condoms in vaginal sex, it's too risky. I also REALLY don't want to get pregnant so to be sure about it, condoms are a good addition even though I'm also using another contraception method.
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