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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Does this blog make any sense any longer? I reread some of it and have to say: the struggles that have been poly related were few, the solutions were quickly found and nowadays most of the stuff I write about is just normal relationship stuff and every day life.
Yes, "normal" relationship stuff for a woman who lives with both her husband and boyfriend. Hello.

First of all, I love reading your blog. I love getting a glimpse into a loving trio of people making it work on the other side of the ocean from me. I also try to picture where and how you live, from my one and only time I visited Germany and Austria. So, I enjoy taking a little journey every time I read it. And although I don't see myself getting married again nor living with partners, I love seeing the possibilities and your no-nonsense approach to living polyamorously.

Second of all, people who may be coming here to this site to read the blogs do need to see the "normal" in poly. It doesn't have to be all drama and problems, and we all know it isn't. I think that poly relationships are not all that different from monogamous ones. The same elements that make mono work, make poly work - respect, honest communication, caring, love.

Finally, don't worry about whether or not other people are getting something specific out of your words, or even reading it. Yes, I would say they are, but more important is that this is where you can work things out in your writings. It's for you.

Of course, you can take a break, but I hope you don't give it up completely.
The world opens up... when you do.

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