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I'm as certain as can be about the size of my group. Theres four of us involved including myself, and unless someone is very good at cheating behind our backs, thats it. If someone new got involved, they would need to be tested and we would need to trust them enough to know they weren't having sex with anyone who hadn't also been tested and was abstaining from sex with others, and so on and so forth. I do have a couple I'm friends with, and another friend, both of which who have the same standards I do. We have the option of doing things with them when they have been tested but have not yet had sex with others we don't know. True, they make those others get tested too and so on, but I don't know their partners personally, so I would not trust them not to be involved with others who have not been tested. So I would say I'm as certain as possible that my group consists of a very small group, all of which have been tested and not engaged in risky behavior afterwards.
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