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I would make a clean break with Jay. It's not your responsibility to rescue him from a relationship that he chooses to be in. He hasn't been too nice or supportive to you.

Are you in counseling? Talking to a therapist always helps (but you'll have to find a sex-positive, gay-positive one).

As for the HIV issue: Ugh. You need to get as far away from Bob, and anything to do with Bob, as possible.

However, I don't think you have a criminal case against Bob. That would only apply if you HADN'T used protection.

Hope everything turns out okay for you medically. That's a really awful situation.

I don't think you can help Jay right now. Your friendship might even make Bob treat him worse. It would be something he would have to hide from Bob.

Focus on your job search right now. When you are ready to get back into dating, there will be plenty of people who care for you more than these two emotionally troubled men.
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