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SNeacail thanks for your comment. I'm not dead set on the schedule we've been thinking about, and I feel that we'll just see how it goes once we're there. It's nice to have some idea, though. I do like to aim for flexibility, anyway.


I finished with studying a while back, and have since been taking well-earned rest. I've now started to look for work in earnest. I'm both hopeful and nervous at the possibility of getting a job. I haven't really been to a job interview in... um, four years or something (I've been working at the same place). And never in this country, which is a bit scary. On the other hand, having no money is also scary.

Luckily I managed to land a part-time voluntary position, which will start in a couple of weeks and last for about six months. I'm happy about that, since no matter how much I like to have time for myself, I do think the possibility of having nothing to do for the whole summer would be making me batty right now.

I made a plan with Alec to talk about sex every week. There's a reminder about it in his phone. I feel that our sex life needs regular discussions for maintenance, and those don't seem to happen on their own, so now we're trying this. I'm very happy about this plan.
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