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Thanks for your replies,
I should have been more clear in my post with a few more details. Earlier this month when we were monogamous the same thing happened, I found out he was making plans to meet with women from a site, without my knowledge. I was really hurt, but eventually I got over it since nothing happened. I am open to poly relationships so In time I told him " If you want to date women, its ok as long as I know beforehand". He says that he doesn't and He seems uncomfortable talking about it. I try to get him to open up about his intentions. esentually it sounds like an escape fantasy he is seeking. But then the same behavior, making plans to meet with girls behind my back, a small thing but Its the principle. How can I trust him if he does this thing he knew hurt me?
I talked to him about it,he said when we fight it makes him feel free.
I am just confused. I want to give him freedom but I need more honesty.
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