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MrS and I have always had a "Lady's Choice" attitude towards his involvement with any girls I have been involved with. The Lady in question has complete control over whether she wants MrS involved in our "happy (bedroom) fun times". Most have not (either because they had other men that would not be happy with that or because they had only developed a relationship with me at that point and it never evolved any further in his direction). The few times when they have been interested in having MrS involved have been fun and exciting but ultimately didn't proceed any further down the relationship spectrum(with no hard feelings).

I don't think that anyone has been turned off to interacting with me by the the possibility of including MrS in the future since it has always been clear from the beginning that it was only ever an option and not an expectation or requirement. (Personally, I think that he enjoys knowing that some "hot girl-on-girl action" is happening - whether he is involved directly or not.)
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