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Originally Posted by psychomia View Post
my situation goes to illustrate how important REALLY CLEAR communication is in poly relationships, I guess.
Wow - I keep seeing this over and over again. It really is about constantly reminding oneself to keep communicating. It's so easy to withhold something from a loved one. So easy just to let something go unsaid, and not discuss it. But it never works. "Relationship" should just be another word for talking - that's mainly what it is isn't it?

Originally Posted by psychomia View Post
all I want to know now is why I'm compelled to try to connect with other humans when relationships are SO CONFUSING AND DIFFICULT.
Confusing and Difficult because even though you may communicate everything with them, there's no guarantee that it's going to be reciprocal. Wouldn't it have been nice if once FWB realized that he was jealous after all (unlike what he said initially), that he then talked to you about it right away? What a difference that would have made, it would have saved you a lot of grief.

You've don'e so well explaining everything here, seems like most of the communication issues are with FWB and E.
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