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Ya, sorry Ceoli, I think it's all just a work in process and you are asking for Rome to be built in one day. I'm not sure that Mono was saying that his reaction to the Ethical Slut, if that is in fact what you are talking about, was to do with how many people he loves at a time. I would suggest that it might be for him and him only, but obviously you are asking him to justify something that he is in the process of understanding himself. One can only go as fast as they go in their process. End of story.

First of all, I post ideas for everyone, not just him. And it had nothing to do with his reaction to The Ethical Slut. It had to do with him suggesting the book Opening Up in the book recommendation thread. You can go back to that thread for reference. It's fine for him to process on his own and I respect that, but when he's making statements about me on the forum in a general discussion area, then discussions will happen.
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