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Originally Posted by SilentTigress View Post
hi! we are new to Austin. we are a you a young couple although we have been married for awhile and i have found it hard to find anyone close to our age willing to be in a relationship with a married woman. basically I have girlfriends and when we are close and have a solid relationship my hsband joins if it feels right. I am quite shy about letting women know i am into them so it has been quiteawhile since we were involved with anyone. where do you meet people here in Austin? ) thank you!! hope to meet some cool new friends on here
Young could mean anything from 20-40 in the poly community-at-large, though I have noticed more of us in our 20s coming out of the woodwork. You're in the best possible city in Texas for it, I think. Austin hasn't got a stick up its behind.

Untangle the circumstances first, though: are they unwilling to be in a relationship with you, the woman who happens to be married, or are they unwilling to be in a relationship with you, the woman who apparently has no relationship without Hubby nosing in some months down the line? How immediately do the girlfriends find out that your husband will be involved?
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