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I only have one partner right now, so I answered based on the past.

- I did not compare my partners at all, just as I didn't compare them with exes for instance, I just take each "sexy time" as it comes.

- I've only been with straight guys as far as I know. I don't think it would change much if they were bi, except that the potential for threesomes would be there, which would be cool.

- I definitely feel like I have more sexual energy when I have more partners. However it's not random sexual energy, that is if I feel like having sex with a partner, it's with that partner. But I feel like having more sex with either partner individually than I would with just one if I had none other.
I never had a problem with time.

- I think nonmonogamy can be a good option if it doesn't cause more problems. If one partner is significantly less interested in sex, and is also not bothered by the idea of their SO getting sex elsewhere, then nonmonogamy is a way for both of them to get what they want, provided they don't use the third person.

- Having different sex lives with different people can be useful if, for instance, you're a switch but your partner is only dom or sub. Or if your partner doesn't share a fetish and has no interest in indulging it. Having another partner who might not indulge some other fetishes but will indulge this one would help having a more fulfilled sex life.
Generally though, I didn't really get different things from different partners, sexually. I got the intimacy that I required and that's all I wanted.

- I think needed boundaries would be about safer sex and about being honest to everyone involved. I also don't think I would be as comfortable if people couldn't meet each other's metamours beforehand.

- I am not really freaked out. I have always been safe, with low-risk partners, and tested regularly. As for pregnancies, I have an IUD and often combine it with more birth control, which makes me feel safe enough.

- I am comfortable with my sexuality. I think being poly is part of being comfortable with my sexuality, for me, because poly is part of my sexuality and if I denied it, I wouldn't be comfortable about it.

- Right now, I could do with another partner :P
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