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my situation goes to illustrate how important REALLY CLEAR communication is in poly relationships, I guess. I finally met up with E last night and we talked for a couple of hours. apparently he has been talking to his wife and putting a lot of thought into the situation and has been wanting to see me... the breakdown occurred because he did not tell me he felt like he needed a week away from me and the situation to process everything after he talked to FWB. I don't have a problem with that, I just need to know what he needs so I don't misunderstand. he understood why I thought he was a skeezer and wasn't being honest with me, and took responsibility for creating an uncomfortable situation by failing to communicate clearly. I also appreciated that he acknowledged that I was angry without trying to invalidate me or even talk me out of being angry, he just tackled the issues that I was angry about.

so we're starting over with a clean slate, armed with better knowledge about the other person works.

all I want to know now is why I'm compelled to try to connect with other humans when relationships are SO CONFUSING AND DIFFICULT.
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