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C shaved off his mustache on my account. He's had it pretty much his whole adulthood. I don't enjoy mustaches. We made a joking deal last year that I could have his naked lip if he ever got to play with my naked body, which didn't seem at all likely at the time. He decided to go through with it, just now when he is leaving on vacation on the other side of the planet. No one he knows will see the new look until the end of the month.

In some odd and pleasant way this feels like he is committing to me. Obviously, he can grow it back and I also told him I thought it would make him more attractive to other women as well, but the fact that he was willing to make the change at my suggestion... I feel kind of important. (I feel guilty a little too but I don't think I pressured him at all.)

My husband said, "Good. Maybe someone else will fall for him now and he'll leave my wife alone." I said, "Yes, that would make me happy," and he said he was only kidding. We don't really discuss this whole poly situation much now. I get the impression he just tries not to think about it.
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