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Originally Posted by drtalon View Post
My testing schedule has nothing to do with whether I'm starting new relationships or not. Why should it?
Well, because I have no control over what happens before the relationship starts. Sure, I could swear to my partner that I haven't had unprotected sex with someone whose status I wasn't sure of, but if they trust me, then maybe they trust other people, who are wrong or lying.
So no, I'll prove it by getting tested, and using protection until enough time has passed that it's obvious a) I am serious about it and b) anything I had prior to starting the relationship is detectable, even if I caught it the day before.

Didn't seem like a novel idea to me, that's usually the way I've seen it done. Wait 3 to 6 months, have everyone involved tested and showing their tests to one another, and then stop using barriers.
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