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For me time isn't really a factor, so I answered the first option since I would be fine exchanging fluids right away in the right circumstances (and have done so).

I don't really know how much use the concept of fluid bonding has.. There doesn't seem to be a agreed definition. People seem to talk about fluid bonding synonymously with "not using (STD) protection" with a person. Yet, somewhere I read a definition that fluid bonding is when there is an agreement to use protection with people other than the one(s) you are fluid bonded to. That means that if you only have unprotected sex with your partner but they have it with others, you two are not fluid bonded - unless your partner's other partners have in turn agreed to not have unprotected sex with anybody else in which case you all are fluid bonded to each other.

To me the concept simply seems too confusing to be useful. I think agreements and understandings about safer sex can be much more clearly articulated without the term.

Sorry if this is all off topic, and I do find this topic interesting even if people do have different definitions.
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