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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hmm, I find the "Never - only with primary" answer interesting. What if this person is a primary or co-primary, or becomes one? There would still be a time frame, no? Or if we have no primaries. I guess that answer pertains to people who have primaries already and this would be about someone who came along after that. Or is that what you meant by "new?"
I agree that the question is most applicable to someone with existing fluid-bonded partners (and I suppose shaped somewhat by my circumstances) but I think the "Never - only with primary" answer could still apply to someone who does not currently have a "primary" partner but would only consider fluid bonding with someone if that person were not fluid bonded with anyone else.

The real issue with STI transmission risk is concurrency, right? If you're going to be fluid bonded with someone, you're going to want to know the size N of the group of other people with whom you're bonded. My intention is that the "Never - always protected" answer would apply if you require N=0, and the "Never - only w/primary" answer would apply if you require N<=1. Make sense?
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