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oh, I agree.

haha, no no, it's not like that at all. I was very occupied, working on my hotrod outside, while they were inside going at it. It's not like I was sitting next to the door, waiting for them to finish. The issue came up, when I needed something from inside, and had to get something real quick. That's when I heard them, and I the insecurities started. Which by the way i'm feeling great about now. If that was the most difficult part of this journey, I can deal with it

as for lot letting them sleep together in our house, I wanted them too, I felt it was a better place than where he lives, safer neighbourhood, and I wouldn't have to make a second trip. Plus i'm not sure that he has a bed, so they probably would have been on the floor.

I agree with you in saying I need to be hanging out with friends when they are doing it (at least for now). I can only keep myself occupied for so long before I get bored and lonely. So, thankyou for the suggestion.
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