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We celebrated my new friends birthday yesterday (what was it suggested I call him? I forget). He was thrilled to bits to have hosted a party for himself. First time ever and he turned 54. The church he was in didn't allow birthdays. We sang happy birthday and I brought him cake. First time for that too.

It was very special to me that I was part of it. All of us were there; Derby, PN, LB and Mono. I think the other guests, who were meeting us for the first time, were a bit surprised that Derby and I are so close when we are together. I don't know if they knew about her and I. They did about the guys, but I don't show them much affection when we are all together. We kind of default to Derby and I cuddling or I cuddle up to my son.

My friend was very attentive and sweet. It was very evident that he was pleased everyone was meeting us and especially me. I spent some time manoeuvring away from his closeness so as to be sure that the others were okay. It was sweet, but I was a little overwhelmed.

It was a good night and in some way very pivotal for him and his life journey and for me in regards to him and that journey.
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