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Originally Posted by DarayTala View Post

I was wondering, have you tried coming out to your friends about being poly? If so, what has happened? If not, well, why not? I would like to hear more about the situation if you don't mind sharing, and could maybe give some advice or help in some way.
Yes and no. My husband and I haven't told anyone on our end. I am a LOT more okay with just letting people find out but he's very much not. We both come from deeply religious families & I have a bunch of law enforcement in my family who would make trouble in a heartbeat, but it isn't the judgement we worry about as much as it is the shunning of our children. Their best friends are their family and this is especially important in the case of my oldest for many reasons. We do have one relative who knows and he basically thinks I'm just a whore to put it bluntly. But he still comes around. And my husband has a friend who knows who found out my accident but he no longer talks to me and started inviting my husband to church and trying to pray with him.

My fiance and I have been open and honest with everyone in his family and circle of friends. And the reaction we received was surprisingly welcome but his circles are a LOT LOT more open minded than mine and way less religious and judgemental. But I've never met his family they live in different states and I've never been around most of his friends for long periods.

We primarily don't tell people because of the kids. I am not at a place where I want my kids to know and I don't want people treating them any different. When I came out as Bisexual i was open and honest about it and got a horrible reaction from my family and Im not about to go there again. They basically refused to come around and my youngest siblings (very young) were not allowed to come to my house to be too involved with my kids. It took years to repair that and now my oldest son and one of my brothers are VERY close friends and the type of relationship they have is one i'm not willing to give up.

Its just really hard and I feel so alone at times because I cant tell anyone that I know. I even live in an area that is fairly open-minded environment. There are a few friends I could tell but stuff always manages to make it back to my family. I come from a VERY critical family.

I just feel like I'm trapped sometimes being the outsider. . . .
Bi & Poly. . .is there anything better? Lol
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