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There is a very specific legal definition for "polygamous" - it means legally married to more than one, and it is illegal in most countries. "Monogamous" means legally married to only one.

It is for this reason that the term "polyamory" came up - loving more than one, which can include being in a relationship (not a legal marriage) with more than one. This isn't illegal in many places at all.

It might be a good idea if, when developing a new vocabulary, and not trying to confuse those already using the terms, we invoke a sort of stare decisis and keep the commonly-used terms to mean exactly what they have been used for within the society.

Part of the reason for coming up with a glossary is to provide folks with a resource that makes things simpler to understand. I am finding that a lot of these so-called "inclusive" glossaries end up being more confusing and creating more mis-communication than they resolve.

So, as a suggestion, how about NOT including every single person's suggestion for brand new words in there...

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