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Originally Posted by strixish View Post
If you care about her (and her feelings, happiness, etc.), that can help keep jealousy at bay, or at least manageable.

(I'm the type who is going to experience jealousy all the time, but I've learned ways to keep it from becoming a problem. If it's like a little yippy dog in the background of my mind, not a roaring monster, then I'm doing well.)
I am not a fan of jealousy. Worried that feeling it or expressing it shows something inherently negative in my character. Worried that it shows lack of faith and trust. That if it's there then my partner will take this as a sign that I can't do this or that he shouldn't ask me to and then I'll lose this relationship that means so much to me.

Your comment above implies that it's an ongoing state for you, though. Does this not affect your dynamic? Do you have coping techniques you can share? I mean, I had a whole full life before we met, and I still do. But some specific coping techniques would be aces.

Is jealousy a common thing that just has to be managed? Has this been done successfully by others in a LTR? Does it eventually fade?
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