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I think your concerns and intentions all show that you are approaching this in a thoughtful way. You do need to know her as an individual, and get to know her in the usual way that two people get to know each other, before you can be comfortable having BIG DISCUSSIONS.

Keep in mind that you don't have to be best friends. However, it can be very helpful to connect in some way. If you care about her (and her feelings, happiness, etc.), that can help keep jealousy at bay, or at least manageable.

(I'm the type who is going to experience jealousy all the time, but I've learned ways to keep it from becoming a problem. If it's like a little yippy dog in the background of my mind, not a roaring monster, then I'm doing well.)

Since you were caring about her experience, it sounds like it won't be difficult for you to find ways to care about her in general. That's good.

Don't try to push things, or rush into a relationship/friendship with her. Just continue to move at your own pace, with good will.
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