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I'm not taking issue with whether people are wired mono or wired poly. I certainly agree that people have inclinations one way or another and there is a balance that's different for each person between their wiring and their conditioning. What I'm taking issue with is holding that wiring responsible for other characteristics and views that have *nothing* whatsoever to do with being mono or poly.

In the original thread, Mono claimed that his mono brain was making him read a book differently than poly brained people. I called that into question, saying that it has nothing to do with a mono vs. poly mind. He then sort of contradicted himself with this (the contradiction lies in the fact that he was talking about how poly people rejected a book he supported, but is actually describing in this how his mono wiring encourages him to reject things):

I think it has everything to do with wiring. Of course mono minds don't want to swallow open ideas....that is undeniable....we're mono wired...we don't want to open up because we have no need to. "We - don't - want - to". I admit it; it has no appeal to me, no greater sense of learning or mind expanding qualities, no more evolved concept. I don't see it as a world sweeping movement or the next stage of evolution in social dynamics. I merely see it as something that some people want and are capable of.
I see nothing wrong with it. I see only people being themselves.
This is not a mono/poly issue. This is an open minded/closed minded issue. (and no, one is not always better than the other)

The fact is that there is a far greater variation that exists within any given poly population and any given mono population than exists between the two groups.

In other words, poly people are far more different from each other than they are different from mono people and mono people are far more different from each other than they are different from poly people.

So I simply don't buy it when someone says that their mono nature is what makes them black and white. It's a person's black and white nature that makes them so. A person's mono nature means that they fall in love with one person at a time. And a mono nature is certainly not the thing that is going to make a person read a book differently from a poly person.

It is important for me to take this to task because any time we use fictitious reasons to create divides or to try to create different "species" of people we're actually putting whole groups of people down. That flawed reasoning is the very same reasoning that fuels sexism, racism, discrimination against gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered people and all sorts of other acts of discrimination in society.
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