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Default Newbies from Kansas

Thanks, I (Trisha), really do have trouble with none committed, non emotional sex. I guess in a way I am still a little old fashioned in a way. To me when I have sex in the swingers lifestyle I can preform well but I don't get anything out of it except making my husband happy. I just have a hard time letting go unless I'm with someone I have some warm feelings for. I'm not for sure if it is because I'm a woman or if I'm just got too many hang ups. I really do sex and intimacy but I have trouble enjoying sex with out intimacy, this is why polyamory appeals to me. Talking with Eric, he also wants more, a relationship that is ongoing, an intimate friendship that hopefully develops into a truly loving committed relationship, just finding it and knowing how to approach someone about this is difficult when you are new to this and don't know where to begin to find that 3rd partner, let allow another couple which I would prefer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Trisha
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