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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I still identify as "Christian" although my definition of such has drastically altered in the recent years.
I think this was my biggest obstacle over the last 6 years or so. I had always found my friends through church and after years of not really connecting with anyone, and then my view/beliefs started to evolve and change, I was left floundering with no one I felt safe having theological discussions with. I had to look outside my normal comfort zones and venture into the unknown.

For some strange reason, about a year ago, I got some wild hair to join a Renaissance Faire group. I don't sing, play music or even like acting, in fact around strangers, I get real shy, but I do knit, sew and like history and this group had a place for that and it's also a year round re-enactment group. I can't believe how fast I made some really dear friends. It was really strange to sit with a group a women, sewing while watching scifi movies. While the Christian community is a minority, the Bi women out number the straight and lesbian combined.

It is a slow process, to find a place to fit. Start looking for groups that cater to your interests and visit a few times. Look into trying something new.
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