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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I don't feel at home in the LGBT community. The 'B' always feels so ignored and often judged that I tend to avoid it. As a woman married to a man, I've never really felt like I've been included in the sense of community. Sure, the groups and individuals I've talked to have always said "welcome!" and have appreciated my support, but in reality no one really related to me. I was too "normal."
YES. This. And with the fight against the "promiscuous" assumption, it's hard to bring up poly. We end up being "not gay enough" AND "sluts". *sigh*

I'm a little bit of a gamer (tabletop RPG's) but I'm not into any of those other things you listed as being big in your poly community either, so I hear you. I have a hard time with interest-based groups in general because, while there are geeky/nerdy things I like, I'm never AS into them as the rest of the people there, so I end up feeling like I don't really belong.

*hugs* No answers or even suggestions, but I totally understand! Oregon isn't THAT far from Northern CA, maybe someday we can have our own meetup!
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