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Yes, my eyebrow one is still healing (I got it less than two weeks ago), and I'm definitely not changing it for a while! They told me I can change the balls after a month, but the bar itself will have to wait for two months.

The piercer told me to simply push a bit on one side when I clean the other side, which makes it move a bit, but that allows to clean better. He gave me a bar that's a bit longer than needed, which was good for the swelling and also meant that when it bled (on the second day) I could push on one side and clean the other side's wound without the ball getting in the way.

I didn't get any infection at all so far, I'm using the product they gave me on a Q-tip as I get up and before going to bed. Then they said to use saline instead, from next week until forever although it only needs daily cleaning for another month. After that I assume it's if it gets dirty or something.

I'm afraid I'll be in a lot of pain, but what reassures me is that my memories of getting my ears pierced were horrible, but when I got my eyebrow done it didn't hurt for more than a second. I did nearly faint, but it's because I ended up skipping lunch, which was stupid. I'm also prone to vasovagal episodes so it wasn't anything I wasn't used to. I've had that happen from feeling overheated, from being on a plane or even from getting my period. So while I understand it's scary for other people to witness, it's really no big deal for me anymore.

I'll probably tell the piercer about my background, so they know what to expect and can act accordingly. My only fear with walking topless at home after the fact is that they will jiggle too much and bump into things.
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