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interesting, I suppose I hadn't considered the environmental ramifications of burningman itself. If nothing else, I don't want it to ruin our burn.

I know she wants to sleep around a little out there (she told me as such). She likes irish guys, and she already told me she wants to sleep with one out there.

perhaps it would be condusive to move that date a week or two ahead of time, so that we can deal with those issues before the burn. Hmmm, interesting.

so, things came to a head yesterday, she (of course with my permission) slept with her new (not official) boy friend. I was feeling really good about it, and it didn't bother me really at all, until a couple things happened: first, they took like five hours before they finally finished, and I was getting bored, and more importantly, lonely. Second, I had to go inside the house for a few minutes, and I walked in overhearing her in the middle of an orgasm.

difficult to hear.

I know the only reason I felt upset about it was self consciousness, you know, that old "what if..... " type of thing. And that I wasn't included.

after, I drove him home, and told her I neededjust to be held and given love and attention, and she did great. I love her, and although it was very painful, I know it was a good thing.
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