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No worries I'm not sure where you got the idea how close the community is from that quote though. Where'd that quote come from? It seems like a long time ago that PN had a girl friend to talk to.

On Friday PN came back happy with his night out and content with his re-connection with Leo's wife. We didn't talk much of it other than what's going on with my exes life and where they are at with our break up. Nothing transpired after our break up that I hadn't thought would happen. Everything I thought of in terms of what happened for him and her seemed to of been what happened.

It seems the bulk of this issues at the time were around my writing here and his desire to end our relationship. Paranoia about everyone finding out details about his life. My stories a dime a dozen I'm sure. I tell people that all the time when they send PM's wanting me to delete their threads. Any one who reads the forums long enough would know that. What I write about is my opinion and there are no traceable names attached. Not to mention, none of my friends hung out with them. At least the ones that would read here. Why this blog warranted ending a three year relationship I don't know. It seems I just wasn't worth enough to work through it and he only wanted me as a friend so I was dispensible.

As to everything that was said to me in anger and everything that I was told she said? Well, apparently it was all in haste and in the moment. Somehow I am suppose to feel better that she told my husband that she doesn't hate me. That was kind of the gist I got through his second hand information and late night attempt to pass on what was said. Really, I'm not much better off knowing all that than I was before. It just seems like an attempted to put a bandaid on my feelings when I have been in a car crash.

The rest of the weekend was filled with burlesque, lots of touches, sex, good talks with people who I love and who love me and lots of texting with the guy I am going on a date with on Thursday. Life is good. I have everything I need
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