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I totally understand the ambivalence around getting a new piercing!
Tonberry..... You raised a great point about healing and fresh air. I had forgotten about that little detail. I am at home most of the time so had forgotten about running around topless....good point!
What I do remember is that, for me, the nipple piercing was particularly painful...and I am not a very sensitive person.
I have my navel pierced to and remember how many times I fought infection before it healed. I was bad though and used neosporin when that occurred. Doing that is supposed to be a big no-no but I did it anyway and it worked for me.
Honestly, the nose piercing seems to the most challenging one for me. Getting that sucker to heal up without infection has been the longest process so far. I am on my second time around with having that one.
The temptation to rotate piercings is to be resisted! I am an old fogey (42) and grew up in the days when rotating new piercings was advocated. Now educators discourage doing it, and I can testify that they are giving good advice as scar tissue develops more when one plays around with the jewelry during healing.
Also, Changing out the jewelry before a piercing is 100% healed is generally a big mistake...equals more chance of infections and development of more scar tissue.
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